Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Division of Animal Industry

The Division of Animal Industry is responsible for enforcing animal health regulations in Florida and protecting the state from animal pests and diseases, which could have major economic and public health consequences.

The division combines a Bureau of Diagnostic Laboratory and Bureau of Animal Disease Control, carrying out active animal disease prevention, surveillance, and control programs. District veterinarians and animal health inspectors throughout the state work with producers, animal owners, and private veterinarians in monitoring and enhancing the health and welfare of Florida's animals.

Florida's livestock inventory includes 26 million poultry, 1.5 million beef cattle, 500,000 horses, 140,000 dairy cattle, 100,000 swine, 30,000 goats, 10,000 sheep, and millions of companion animals. Traditional farm/ranch livestock are raised along with exotic species from around the globe. The number and diversity of animals in Florida and our dynamic animal commerce demands vigilance in protecting animal and human health.

The Division of Animal Industry serves as the lead agency for Animal and Agricultural Issues under Florida's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. Planning and response and coordination efforts are an important responsibility of the division for emergencies ranging from natural disasters to devastating disease outbreaks. The division plays a critical role in safeguarding animal and public health and maintaining market access for Florida's animals and animal products.

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