Shellfish Management Information for Horseshoe Beach #25

Shellfish Area 2-Digit # & Name: 25 Horseshoe Beach

Map Number(s): 25A, 25B

County(s): Dixie

Brief description of extents: All waters from Stuart Point south to Little Pine Island and west to the Natural Resource Boundary, 9 miles offshore.

Types of shellfish present: Clam, Oyster

Current classification effective on: September 28, 2004

Description of Management for Closures and Acres:

2501 Horseshoe Beach approved Summer Apr - Sept: Closed during emergency conditions, including hurricanes, tropical storms, sewage discharges, red tides, and illnesses. 89,928 acres

2502 Horseshoe Beach conditionally approved Winter Oct - March: Closed when two-day cumulative rainfall measured at Manatee Springs State Park exceeds 5.17 inches. 86,977 acres

2506 Horseshoe Beach conditionally restricted Winter Oct - March:Closed by FDACS at all times except during supervised shellfish relay operations with approved participants. When open for relay operations, the area will be closed when two-day cumulative rainfall for any two-day period measured at Manatee Springs State Park exceeds 5.61 inches. 2,903 acres

Horseshoe Beach prohibited Summer Apr - Sept: 5,124 acres

Horseshoe Beach prohibited Winter Oct - March: 5,124 acres