Wildfire Information

Wildfires in Florida occur at all times of the year. This informational page is designed to provide you with the most current information available regarding wildfires in Florida.

Current Conditions

County Burn Bans

County Burn Bans Map [ Adobe PDF Document 475.95 KB ]

Note: Local Burn Bans are enacted by county governments. State Bans are enacted by state government and cover larger areas. This page will publish any statewide or regional ban if and when it becomes necessary. 

Fire Weather Outlook

Fire Danger Index (FDI)

Keetch Byram Drought Index (KBDI)

Fire Safety

Escaped debris burning is one of the leading causes of wildfires in Florida.
Know the Law Before You Strike That Match

Smoke/Air Quality


National Fire Maps

Other Maps

  • ESRI Wildfire Map: Interactive map to view continuously updated U.S. wildfire information.