Living Healthy in Florida

Thank you for your interest in Living Healthy in Florida! This is a multi-agency campaign that was created to provide simple tools to promote healthy lifestyles in our state.

You will find facts about Florida-grown produce, shopping tips, recipes, videos and more here in our Living Healthy in Florida toolkit.

One of the first things we urge you to check out is the Florida Produce Calendar.  This calendar of peak harvest dates will give you an idea of when you can find the Florida products referenced in this toolkit in local stores.

The toolkit is perfect for:

  • Reducing your grocery shopping bill with budget-friendly recipes and preparation tips
  • Sharing healthy living tips with constituents, customers or students
  • Finding reliable information to use in newsletters or on social media sites
  • Learning about food from Florida for school assignments

We are continually working to update this information and creating new tools to help promote healthy lifestyles. Keep in touch with us by bookmarking this page and coming back often.

How to Use This Kit:

We urge you to share this information with your friends, family and coworkers.

  • Include our pre-written articles in your newsletters
  • Add our web banners to your website
  • Show these videos in your lobby, cafeteria or office
  • Try these recipes and share with your coworkers and family

Just download and go!

Learn About Florida Produce

Learn all about the foods that are grown right here in Florida and how to easily integrate them into your life for a healthy diet!

Florida Seasonal Calendar

Discover when Florida produce is in season! There's always something healthy growing in Florida for you to enjoy.


Video demonstrations on cooking with Florida produce by Chef Justin Timineri.

"Living Healthy in Florida" en Español

Entérese de todos estos productos en Español!

Dates to Celebrate

Health observances to bring attention to solutions for important issues affecting Floridians 


Before you eat, think about what goes on your plate or in your cup or bowl by using the MyPlate diagram.

Activities for Children

Download and print activities for children to learn about healthy living.

Partners and Resources

Connect with Living Healthy in Florida partners for more great information