Florida's What Works Contest

The purpose of Florida’s What Works Contest is to encourage and reward outstanding practices in schools that go above and beyond during special recognition weeks. The recognition weeks are set by the School Nutrition Association and the Division of Food, Nutrition and Wellness. The contests in school year 2014-15 included Florida School Breakfast Week, National School Lunch Week and National School Breakfast Week. Schools are encouraged to promote the special dates to students and families in an effort to bring awareness to school meals.

This contest is open to any school that is participating in the National School Lunch Program for the 2014-2015 school year.

Recognition Weeks

  • September 15-19, 2014 — Florida School Breakfast Week
  • October 13-17, 2014 — National School Lunch Week
  • March 2-6, 2015 — National School Breakfast Week

To Enter

Use the entry form [Adobe PDF Document 755.32 KB], fill out the questionnaire below and then attach at least one photo and any additional marketing documents that you used. Please note if students in the photos do NOT have photography waivers.

  • Describe how you promoted the recognition week to students.
  • Describe students’ reaction to your promotion.
  • Did you see an increase in participation during your promotion?
  • If applicable, describe how you promoted the recognition week to parents, school staff and/or the general public and the reaction.
  • Did you receive any press from your promotion?
  • Do you have anything else you want to tell us about your recognition week promotion?

Additional documents that can be included are:

  • Photographs
  • Newspaper articles
  • School bulletins
  • Creative marketing documents
  • Promotional items


Applications will be reviewed by the Division of Food, Nutrition and Wellness. We will look at them based on the level of impact and use of creativity and innovation to promote the theme to students.

Announcement of Winners

We will announce the winner via email to the contact person listed on the entry form. The winner will also be announced in the Thursday Update, on our website and on our Facebook page. 

Prize Conditions

Just for submitting an entry, your school will receive for your cafeteria one (1) Food Art Poster that will be randomly selected by our office.

The top three winners will choose two prizes — one from the school garden category and one from the smarter lunchroom technique category. The winners will also receive one (1) set of the Food Art Posters for your school cafeteria.

The prizes suit all grades levels and will not be broken up by primary or secondary divisions. Prizes will be mailed to the contact person at the school address indicated on the entry form.

Descriptions of the prizes are available by downloading the pdf file [Adobe PDF Document 594.73 KB].

If you have questions, please contact Aimee Ashley at (850) 617-7409 or Aimee.Ashley@FreshFromFlorida.com.            

Download entry form [Adobe PDF Document 755.32 KB]

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