Fruit and Vegetables

The Division of Fruit and Vegetables inspects and certifies all fresh shipments of vegetables, fruit and nuts as may be assigned or supported in connection with regulations issued under federal and state marketing orders and/or rules. In support of that goal, licenses for all citrus dealers, registrants, and agents of licensed fruit dealers, packing houses, and processing plants are collected and maintained annually.

In addition, the division inspects all fresh tomato packing houses and farms to ensure compliance with food safety regulations. Notwithstanding, the division also inspects fresh produce not covered by regulation on a request basis in support of outside entity, export laws, and commercial requirements. Furthermore, in support of the inspection and food safety guidelines, the division maintains testing equipment, facilities at processing plants, packing houses, and conducts methods for maturity and load evaluation procedures.

Mailing Address

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Division of Fruit and Vegetables
170 Century Blvd.
Bartow, FL 33830-7700
(863) 578-1900
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