Florida Citrus Arboretum

The Florida Citrus Arboretum at Winter Haven is a collection of more than 250 cultivars of citrus, or citrus relatives. It is maintained by the Bureau of Citrus Budwood Registration in the Division of Plant Industry. The arboretum was established in 1975 to ensure that valuable citrus and citrus-related germplasm are always available for study and use in Florida.

A valuable tool for research and education, the arboretum comprises 6½ acres of trees and shrubs for horticultural study, germplasm source, and exhibition.

The arboretum is open to the public. Self-guided tours for groups may be arranged in advance by writing or calling for appointments. Fruiting trees are best observed between November and March.

Visitors are requested NOT to cut or pinch the foliage or otherwise handle plants in the arboretum unless approval is obtained from authorized Bureau of Citrus Budwood Registration personnel.

Hours: Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., October 1 to March 1. The arboretum is closed on rainy days and access is restricted all mornings until the foliage is dry.

Visitors are asked to sign the guest register in the Shaw Building before touring the arboretum.

The Florida Citrus Arboretum will be closed periodically throughout the season for special treatments. Call (863) 298-3041 before visiting to be sure we will be open.

No picking fruit. There will be no harvesting of fruit though February 2015.

Map to Arboretum

Map to citrus arboretum in Winter Haven, FL

The Florida Citrus Arboretum
is located on US 17 in front of the
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Winter Haven complex at 3027 Lake Alfred Road (US 17)
(863) 298-3041
(863) 298-3050 Fax

The Dundee Foundation Grove is not open to the public.

Arboretum Layout


Arboretum map of facility and varieties, Winter Haven, FL