Plant and Apiary Industry Videos

The Division of Plant Industry produces informational videos, training videos and public service announcements as part of its mission to protect Florida's native and commercially grown plants and the state's apiary industry from harmful pests and diseases.

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Education Videos / Public Service Announcements
Title Type Length File Size Transcript
Detector Dog Video Information 1:16    
Apiary inspection in Florida Information 1:25    
Anatomy of a Hive Information  4:56    
GALS B Roll 3 - April 2013 [Windows Media Video 210.87 MB] (.mp4)  Information 3:15 215MB  
GALS B Roll 2 - April 2013 [Windows Media Video 104.16 MB] (.mp4)  Information 3:15 211MB  
GALS 30 Second Theater Ad [Windows Media Video 8.78 MB] Information :32 8.9MB  
Giant African Snail Response Program [Windows Media Video 115.69 MB] Information 4:16 118MB  
GALS PSA [Windows Media Video 9.38 MB] Information :31 9.6MB  
GALS PSA, Spanish Subtitles [Windows Media Video 9.63 MB] Information :31 9.6MB  
GALS B Roll 1 - September 2011 [Windows Media Video 127.69 MB] Information 3:41 130MB  
Don't Pack a Pest Information 1:10    
Bee Alert - Africanized Honeybee Information  [Windows Media Video 46.98 MB] Information 5:52 46.9 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 8.92 KB
Citrus Greening Disease  [Windows Media Video 50.99 MB] Information 7:35 52.7 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 6.33 KB
Emerald Ash Borer Trapping Program [Windows Media Video 28.78 MB] Information 3:52 34.6 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 9.67 KB
Exotic Fruit Fly Monitoring [Windows Media Video 164.88 MB] Information 22:50 169 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 6.99 KB
Exotic Mexican Red Rump [Windows Media Video 5.30 MB] PSA :60 5 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 173.88 KB
Firewood Alert - Keep Pests and Diseases out of Florida  [Windows Media Video 29.76 MB] Information 4:26 30.3 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 25.59 KB
How to Make Delicious Guacamole Information 9:53    
Laurel Wilt in Florida [Windows Media Video 489.49 MB] Information 10:16 91 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 18.15 KB
Medfly Eradication: What to Expect [Windows Media Video 66.67 MB] Information 4:26 199 MB  
Mikania micrantha Information 6:23    
Industry Training Videos
Title Type Length File Size Transcript
Florida Apiary/Citrus Industry Link Video [Windows Media Video 616.49 MB] English 10:22 632 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 94.02 KB]
 National Bee Survey Video - USDA-APHIS USDA-ARS [Windows Media Video 112.33 MB] English 10:53  371 MB pdf  [Adobe PDF Document 81.34 KB]
Citrus Harvester Decontamination Education Video [Windows Media Video 18.80 MB] English 8:08 19 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 68.30 KB
Citrus Harvester Decontamination Education Video [Windows Media Video 23.73 MB] Spanish 10:46 24 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 68.81 KB
CHRP Video [Windows Media Video 663.55 MB] - Full Version English 1 hour 40 min. 679.4 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 9.11 KB
CHRP Video - Intro [Windows Media Video 14.25 MB] English 1:46 14.5 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 6.92 KB
CHRP Video - Citrus Nurseries [Windows Media Video 76.67 MB] English 9:33 78 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 6.76 KB
CHRP Video - Citrus Budwood  [Windows Media Video 16.47 MB] English 2:14 16.8 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 6.83 KB
CHRP Video - Business Plan  [Windows Media Video 12.66 MB] English 2:56 12.9 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 6.92 KB
CHRP Video - Decontamination [Windows Media Video 44.04 MB] English 5:30 45 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 6.67 KB
CHRP Video - Citrus Greening  [Windows Media Video 253.89 MB] English 38:36 259.9 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 6.88 KB
CHRP Video - Citrus Canker [Windows Media Video 241.49 MB] English 38:06 247.2 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 6.86 KB
CHRP Video - Conclusion [Windows Media Video 4.63 MB] English 40 sec 4.7 MB pdf [Adobe PDF Document 6.83 KB