Citrus Disease Detection Maps

Known Distribution of Citrus Canker and Citrus Greening (HLB) in Florida

Statewide Citrus Canker and Citrus Greening Map [Adobe PDF Document 2.01 MB]

Statewide Positive Citrus Greening Sections [Adobe PDF Document 374.64 KB]

Disease Spread of HLB as 15-mile Radius in Florida [Adobe PDF Document 2.55 MB
This map depicts the potential one-year spread of huanglongbing (citrus greening) from each of the sections (mi2) known to be positive for the disease. The 15-mile radius is based on data analyzed from commercial citrus farms in Brazil. It is important to note that since huanglongbing has been present in some parts of Florida for several years, the 15-mile disease spread could be considered a very conservative estimate from any single location. The disease spread as depicted suggests that all commercial citrus is within a 15-mile radius of some huanglongbing-positive section. Citrus growers may want to ensure that they are taking all precautions necessary to mitigate Asian citrus psyllid populations and other appropriate management practices such as scouting for the disease for the earliest detection possible.

Regional Citrus Canker and Citrus Greening Maps

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