Save the Guac!

Save the Guac

Learn more about the insect and disease threatening avocados, and what you can do to help!

Laurel wilt disease, caused by a fungus transmitted by the invasive redbay ambrosia beetle, kills avocado and other trees in the laurel family. These insects can enter Florida on infested firewood and host trees from unregistered nurseries.


Fresh from Florida Guacamole Recipe


Signs of the Disease

  • Toothpick-like tubes or piles of fine sawdust on the bark
  • Drooping foliage with a reddish or purplish discoloration
  • Black discoloration on the sapwood surface
  • Learn More about the insect and disease threatening avocados

Firewood Handling 

  • Firewood can transfer harmful insects and diseases.
  • Use only local firewood and don't move unprossed wood.

Registered Nuseries 

  • Don't Transport host trees unless purchased from a registered nursery



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