Key To Whitefly On Citrus In Florida

When you come out to more than one species in the key this indicates species are difficult to separate in the field. These may require a microscope slide for identification.

1 Pupal case shiny black----->2
1' Pupal case not black (may be brown, beige)----->4

2 Pupal case with large dorsal spines-----> Aleurocanthus woglumi
2' Pupal case without large dorsal spines----->3

3 Pupal case with a wide white wax fringe and smooth submargin-----> Tetraleyrodes mori
3' Pupal case with narrow wax fringe, papilla on submargin-----> Tetraleyrodes ursorum

4 Pupal case with a copious amount of dorsal wax filaments or ribbons of wax----->5
4' Pupal case without dorsal wax secretions of any kind----->6

5 Pupal case dorsum covered with many fine filaments of wax-----> Aleurothrixus floccosus
5' Pupal case with various amounts of wax ribbons-----> Aleurodicus dispersus, Metaleurodicus cardini, Paraleyrodes minei, Paraleyrodes persea

6 Pupal case appears like a cake in lateral view (genus Trialeurodes)----->7
6' Pupal case appears like a flat cookie in lateral view----->9

7 Pupal case with a broad longitdinal dark area, adult with stripes on wings-----> Trialeurodes abutilonea
7' Pupal case without dark areas of any kind----->8

8 Pupal case with close set marginal glassy wax filaments-----> Trialeurodes floridensis
8' Pupal case with wide set marginal or dorsal glassy wax filaments-----> Trialeurodes vaporariorum

9 Pupal case with narrow longitudinal brown stripe-----> Dialeurodes kirkaldyi
9' Pupal case without narrow longitudinal stripe----->10

10 Pupal case with definate caudal projections (spines) obvious-----> Bemisia tabaci
10' Pupal case without obvious caudal projections-----> Dialeurodes citri, Dialeurodes citrifolii, Parabemisia myricae