Buy Fresh From Florida

Community Farmers Markets

Community farmers markets are a distinct part of American culture and a unique feature of many Florida towns and cities. Each farmers market reflects the area's charm with locally produced specialties — such as fruits, vegetables, nursery stock and other products — for sale directly to the public. Most community farmers markets are open on a seasonal basis.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs)

CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) revolve around a community of people who pledge their financial support to a farm. At the beginning of the growing season, members pay a fee to cover the cost of the farm’s operations and the farmer’s salary. In return, each member receives a weekly share of the farm’s bounty, typically a box that might include fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit, honey, eggs and meat.

Crops in Season

Fresh is best, and knowing when items are in season is the key to knowing what to look for when shopping. Find out which Florida fruits and vegetables are being harvested this month, and print out the list to take with you when shopping at your grocery store.

“Fresh From Florida” On the Menu

See a list of restaurants participating in the “Fresh From Florida” On The Menu program. Participating restaurants feature fresh ingredients from Florida, including produce grown by Florida farmers and seafood caught in Florida waters.

Seafood "How To" Tips

Everything you need to know about seafood. These tips make preparing delicious Florida seafood at home a breeze. Topics include shopping for seafood, storing and preparing seafood, tips on cooking fish (boiling, broiling, frying, grilling), tips on cooking shellfish (broiling, frying, steaming), and marinating.

Seafood Products

Find the peak months of availability for delicious Florida seafood products, including blue crab, clams, flounder, grouper, king mackerel, mahi-mahi, mullet, oysters, pompano, snapper, shrimp, Spanish mackerel, spiny lobster, stone crab claws, swordfish and yellowfin tuna.

Seafood Retail Markets

If you’re looking for fresh Florida seafood, check out your local seafood retail market. Florida’s commercial fishermen are continually harvesting seafood from the Gulf and Atlantic coasts and providing their fresh catch to local seafood retail markets. More than 80 types of seafood are harvested off Florida’s coasts — fresh, safe, wholesome Florida seafood caught by fishing families that for generations have taken great pride in their work. When shopping, ask for “Fresh From Florida” seafood.

U-Pick Farms

Some farms allow visitors to hand-pick their own fresh fruits and vegetables. This form of direct marketing offers consumers the freshest produce at lower prices. Some of the more popular U-pick crops in Florida include blueberries, strawberries, grapes, peaches, citrus, sweet corn and tomatoes. But there are also opportunities to pick more unusual items, everything from persimmons and chestnuts to star fruit and avocados.  

Wineries and Vineyards

Visiting a winery or vineyard in Florida is a fascinating experience for the whole family. It's a part of Florida beyond the beaches and amusement parks. You can stroll through a vineyard, view a harvest, watch the winemaking, corking, bottling and labeling processes, and sample the wonderful and distinctive varieties of delicious Florida wines.