Florida Interagency Food and Nutrition Committee (FIFNC)

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The Florida Interagency Food and Nutrition Committee (FIFNC) was founded over 30 years ago to coordinate the delivery of effective nutrition, food security, and food safety programs and services to the public. FIFNC–whose membership consists primarily of representatives of agencies that administer USDA/FNS food and nutrition programs–meets three times a year to share ideas, coordinate resources, and partner on multi-agency food security and nutrition education projects.

FIFNC is the catalyst for the State Nutrition Action Plan (SNAP) which is a directive of USDA/FNS for States to identify common nutrition goals and formulate a plan for working together to achieve those goals. The primary purpose of SNAP is to strengthen collaboration on nutrition education and promotion efforts among the FNS programs within the States.

Agencies represented on FIFNC include the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services; Florida Department of Children and Families; Florida Department of Education; Florida Department of Elder Affairs; Florida Department of Health; University of Florida IFAS Extension; U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Florida District; and the Florida Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) Network.

One primary focus of FIFNC is to work together to produce and conduct statewide nutrition education campaigns that deliver consistent behavior-focused nutrition messages. The purpose of these campaigns is to foster public awareness regarding the importance of good nutrition and physical activity, and to promote lifestyle behavior changes that lead to positive nutrition status, healthy body weights, and fitness.

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