Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Food Safety and Food Defense Advisory Council

The Florida Food Defense and Advisory Council creates an infrastructure for enhancing outreach, response and information-sharing of food safety issues at the state level. It also provides a dynamic forum for stakeholder collaboration regarding food safety issues protecting public health. 

Council members include representatives from academia and regulatory, industry and consumer groups.

Council Members

Council Members
  • Jamie DeMent, Chair
  • Nancy Stephens, Vice Chair
  • Linda Akhavein
  • Rick Akin
  • Ned Bowman
  • Dr. Matthew Curran
  • Dr. Michael Delp
  • Amy Duda-Kinder
  • Jill Dunlop
  • Daniel Ellinor
  • Wayne Godwin
  • Dr. Neil James
  • Jaime Jerrells
  • Bob Jones
  • Geoff Luebkemann
  • Frank Marquez
  • Bess Ormond
  • Mary Lou Rajchel
  • Michael Roberson
  • Karla Ruzicka
  • Wendy Smith
  • Christine Stapell
  • Betsy Woodward