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Florida Statutes
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The vast majority of Florida’s 47,000 agricultural producers are small farmers. As such, they do not have the resources to individually conduct promotional and advertising campaigns to help market their products. By joining the Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign (FAPC), both small and large producers can benefit from the “Fresh From Florida” programs conducted by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  

The hallmark of the program is the familiar “Fresh From Florida” logo, which is displayed on product packaging and signage and in a variety of print and electronic media. Only members of the FAPC are permitted to use the logo. The logo associates the members' products with Florida agriculture’s worldwide image of excellence, which has been carefully cultivated and promoted by the FAPC program since its beginnings in 1990.

FAPC members have the opportunity to use the “Fresh From Florida” logos, participate in industry trade shows at a reduced cost, receive point-of-purchase materials, have access to trade leads, receive the “Fresh From Florida” magazine and industry newsletter, tie in to supermarket promotions that feature Florida products in newspaper and store circular advertisements, and receive a farm sign customized with the member’s business name.

Apply for "Fresh From Florida" Membership

There are paid and non-paid types of memberships. Paid include: producer, producer u-pick, broker, shipper/distributor/packer/repacker, wholesaler, allied member. Non-paid include: nonprofit/educational organization, retailer, grocery store, roadside produce stand, farmers market, garden center, restaurant, and seafood/aquaculture.

Logo Incentive Program

The purpose of the logo incentive program is to provide participating agricultural entities with the opportunity to offset a portion of their consumer packaging and carton printing costs while promoting the "Fresh From Florida" message.

Order "Fresh From Florida" Marketing Materials

Many types of point-of-sale and retail display materials promoting Florida agricultural and seafood products are available free of charge to FAPC members. These display materials can only be used to promote Florida products.

Purchase "Fresh From Florida" Merchandise

Visit the Online Merchandise Store to purchase "Fresh From Florida" merchandise such as aprons, tote bags, caps, visors, shirts, jackets and sweatshirts.

"Fresh From Florida" Promotes Florida Agriculture

Through various social media platforms, the "Fresh From Florida" program promotes the wide array of products produced by Florida's farmers, ranchers, seafood fishermen, aquaculturists and horticulturists. Check out the latest "Fresh From Florida" activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.