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Fertilizer Licensing and Tonnage Reporting

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Laws and Regulations

Florida Statutes
Chapter: 576

Florida Administrative Code and Register
Chapter: 5E-1

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) enforces Florida's Commercial Fertilizer Law.

Fertilizer Licensing

Any person or company who distributes fertilizer in Florida and whose name appears on the fertilizer label as the guarantor is responsible for obtaining a license from FDACS.

Expiration Date

All licenses and specialty fertilizer registrations expire on June 30 of each year and are renewed annually.


The fee for obtaining a fertilizer license is $200. The fee for specialty fertilizer product registration is $200 per product.

How to Apply for or Renew a Fertilizer License

Fertilizer manufacturers can use the Fertilizer Licensing and Regulatory Website to apply for or renew a license.

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Reporting Tonnage

Licensees are required to report sales of fertilizer to FDACS on a quarterly basis. 

You can report tonnage using the Fertilizer Licensing and Regulatory Website. View instructions [ Adobe PDF Document 935.14 KB ]. 

Fertilizer Tonnage Data

Florida Fertilizer Reports

Tonnage by Licensee
Tonnage by County

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