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Mosquito Control Licensing

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Laws and Regulations

Florida Statutes
Chapter:  388

Florida Administrative Code
Chapter:  5E-13

Mosquito control activities are divided into two groups:

  • Individuals or contractors operating on a for-hire basis making mosquito-control applications to private or commercial properties (homes, hotels, resorts, etc.)
  • Government entities or government-contacted vendors making widespread community or municipal mosquito-control applications over a large area

Individuals operating a business installing and servicing automated mosquito misting devices and/or offering residential or commercial fogging and barrier treatments to clients other than local government entities must obtain a pest control business license [ Adobe PDF Document 658.70 KB ] and have on staff a pest control operator certified in General Household Pest Control or Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control

Pest control companies contracted to perform mosquito control activities for a government agency or mosquito control district must have a Public Health Pest Control license or be operating under the direct supervision of a Public Health license holder. 

How to Obtain a Public Health Pest Control License


Two exams must be passed to qualify for certification.

The first exam, referred to as the Core exam, tests the applicant on general pesticide use and safety. 

The second exam, known as the Public Health Pest Control Exam, covers the applicant's knowledge of mosquito biology and habitats, control methods, regulations, medical importance, and non-mosquito arthropods of public health importance. 

Study Materials
How to Schedule an Exam

There are no set examination locations, dates or times. Exam scheduling arrangements must be made through your local county Extension office.

For questions about the Public Health Pest Control or Core exams, please contact Cherie Trimble at Cherie.Trimble@FreshFromFlorida.com or by calling (850) 617-7997. 


There are no fees required to take the exams.

Continuing Education Requirements

The Public Health Pest Control License is valid for four years. During the four-year life of the license, the applicator is required to attend 16 hours of continuing education training.

Training must cover specific areas of study listed in Section 5E-13.040(4), Florida Administrative Code.

Activities that qualify for CEU credit:

  • FDACS-sponsored mosquito control workshops
  • Florida Mosquito Control Association (FCMA) and American Mosquito Control Association annual spring and fall meetings  
  • FMCA/FDACS/IFAS-sponsored Plenary, Specialty and Regional Dodd Short Courses 
  • Up to four hours of Core training obtained through county extension offices. Please contact FDACS at (850) 617-7997 if you have earned Core CEUs that you would like to count toward your Public Health License renewal.

License Renewal

A renewal license will automatically be sent to license holders who have completed and submitted at least 16 CEUs.

Failure to meet the CEU requirements will result in a 90-day temporary expiration grace period. If the CEU requirements are not met during the grace period, the license will permanently expire. You will be required to retake both examinations and reapply for a new license.

FDACS Public Health Director Certification

FDACS Public Health Director Certification is necessary for anyone who wishes to become director of a county or district mosquito control program.

Director's Exam

Applicants must hold a valid Public Health Pest Control license and obtain approval through FDACS before taking the Director's Exam. The Director's Exam is valid as long as the Public Health Pest Control license is renewed. 

Study Materials

Study materials for the Director's Exam are:

  • The Florida Mosquito Control Handbook, available through the FMCA
  • Chapter 388, Florida Statutes
  • Chapter 5E-13, Florida Administrative Code