Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Petroleum Inspection

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) regularly conducts inspections of petroleum distribution systems and analyzes samples of petroleum products to ensure that Florida consumers are getting the amount they pay for and the quality they expect. Gasoline, alternative fuels (E85, biodiesel, ethanol, etc.), kerosene, diesel, fuel oil, antifreeze products and brake fluid products are routinely tested and must meet strict standards.

FDACS inspects retail gas stations across Florida, ensuring that fuel dispensers are working safely and properly. We investigate fraud to protect consumers.

FDACS also conducts annual Meter Mechanic Clinics across the state. Clinic attendance is mandatory for all technicians who repair or install petroleum fuel measuring devices, as part of the registration process.

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What do I need to sell antifreeze and/or brake fluid products in Florida?

You must register each brand of antifreeze and apply for a permit to sell each brand/formula combination of brake fluid using the following forms:

Please read the instruction page carefully on each form.

When can I expect to receive a brake fluid or antifreeze permit or registration certificate?

A permit or registration certificate will be issued after all fees and paperwork have been received and processed. The product samples must also pass appropriate laboratory tests according to specifications adopted by FDACS.

Must I register antifreeze and brake fluid products every year?

Yes. If an antifreeze or brake fluid product is currently registered in Florida, the renewal application must be received before the current registration expires. First-time registration applications may be submitted at any time.

Any time a change is made to a brand/formula combination, it will be considered a new registration.

Brake Fluid and Antifreeze Permits

Registration Type

Application Due Date


Antifreeze — New Registration

Apply anytime

$200 for each brand

Antifreeze — Renewal

Renewal is due prior to current registration expiration.

$200 for each brand

Brake Fluid — New Registration

Apply anytime


Brake Fluid — Renewal

Renewal is due prior to current registration expiration.

$50; late fee is $25

What do I need to do with a completed brake fluid or antifreeze product registration form?

Each form has instructions specifying what needs to be done to successfully complete your application. You must ensure that the forms, products and fees are sent to the proper addresses listed in the instructions on each form.

Are the brake fluid and antifreeze products that are placed in customers' cars by motor vehicle repair and radiator shops subject to product quality specifications?

Yes, all such products must meet adopted product quality standards. Some of the antifreeze products are even recycled products. Any such product placed into a customer's car must be of the same quality as virgin packaged antifreeze products. Brake fluid products cannot be recycled for use in consumer vehicles.

What fuels are subject to the 1/8 cent per gallon Petroleum Inspection Fee?

The Petroleum Inspection Fee, pursuant to Subsection  206.41(1)(h), Florida Statutes (F.S.), is imposed on all motor fuel for sale or use in this state. This fee is collected by the Florida Department of Revenue and for your convenience is now able to be remitted along with motor fuel taxes.  Learn more

How do I apply for a meter mechanic certification with the state of Florida?

Meter mechanics must register annually with FDACS at one of the Meter Mechanic Clinics held at specified locations around the state. Applicants are encouraged to contact our field office in Tallahassee via email at Standards-Field@FreshFromFlorida.com or call us at (850) 921-1545 to register for a clinic. You will not be permitted to work as a meter mechanic under Chapter 525, Florida Statutes (F.S.), in Florida without registering annually with FDACS.

All applicants are required to provide the following at the time of clinic attendance

All new applicants must have proof of at least one year of experience working as a meter mechanic. If the applicant does not possess one year of experience, the applicant may work for a service agency that repairs or installs petroleum fuel measuring devices and is currently registered with FDACS.

Is it possible for a meter mechanic to register online?

No. Meter mechanics must register annually at one of the meter mechanic clinics held at specified statewide locations, usually in the spring. Applicants may call the field office (850) 921-1545 or email us at Standards-Field@FreshFromFlorida.com to reserve a seat at one of the clinics. The clinics ensure that any new changes in regulations are discussed with the meter mechanics and allow FDACS staff the chance to answer any questions.

View the 2018 Meter Mechanic Schedule and Information Guide [ Adobe PDF Document 629.45 KB ].

Must a meter mechanic resubmit an Application for Registration Authorized Meter Mechanic annually?

Yes. All persons working as meter mechanic technicians must attend a clinic hosted by FDACS annually. To be scheduled for a Meter Mechanic Clinic, you may call the field office in Tallahassee at (850) 921-1545 or email at Standards-Field@FreshFromFlorida.com. You will not be permitted to work as a meter mechanic under Chapter 525, F.S., in Florida without registering annually with FDACS.

Must a petroleum service agency resubmit an Application for Registration of Service Agencies annually?

No, the petroleum service agency need not register annually. However, it is mandatory for all meter mechanic technicians to register and attend a clinic annually or you will not be permitted to work as a meter mechanic under Chapter 525, F.S., in Florida. For more information or to sign up for a clinic, please call the Tallahassee field office at (850) 921-1545 or email us at Standards-Field@FreshFromFlorida.com.