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Food Emergencies and Disaster Preparation

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Summer Williams, Florida’s Integrated Rapid Response Team Coordinator
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Florida’s Integrated Rapid Response Team (FLIRRT) is a multi-agency coordination group responding to feed and food emergency under the Rapid Response Team Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Cooperative Grant Program. In 2017, FLIRRT responded to Hurricane Irma.

Florida is one of 21 states participating in this program, beginning in 2008. Partner agencies include the FDA, the Florida Department of Health, and Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

FLIRRT consists of technical experts in food manufacturing, food inspection, environmental health and epidemiology.

FLIRRT is an active partner in Emergency Support Function 11 (Food and Water) at Florida’s State Emergency Operations Center. In 2016, FLIRRT responded to two natural disaster events: Hurricane Hermine and Hurricane Matthew.

Types of FLIRRT Responses

  • Natural Disasters — hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, etc.
  • Food recalls
  • Foodborne outbreaks
  • Intentional food contamination
  • Agency exceeds its capability to respond
FLIRRT Florida Integrated Rapid Response Team Image