Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Florida’s Reportable Horse/Equine Diseases

Florida's reportable equine disease map is a fresh, interactive way to look at disease occurrence within the state. Disease information can be viewed by county, with monthly and calendar year information available. The map uses GIS (Geographic Information System) technology to visualize the data and allows veterinarians, horse owners and others in the industry to identify at-risk areas. This information can then be used to assist with disease prevention strategies to better protect Florida's horses.

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Update Schedule: Whenever possible this map is updated with new occurrences as they are brought to the department’s attention, but the map will always be updated on the first business day of each month.

Florida Reportable Equine Disease for 2017
Florida Reportable Equine Disease for 2016
Florida Reportable Equine Disease for 2015

What the Map Shows Us

The interactive, online map includes:

How We Put the Map to Work

  • The data will establish a baseline for future disease quantification within the state.
  • The data can serve as an alert for extra precaution during increases of disease.
  • The data can help horse owners know when disease is current in their areas of interest and can help the decision-making process in determining a quality vaccination schedule given the disease risk at hand.
  • Call Animal industry for reportable disease suspicion at (850) 410-0900.

If you have any questions concerning equine diseases or their occurrence, please contact Dr. Joe Fisch at (850) 410-0900 or William.Fisch@FreshFromFlorida.com. Please submit public information requests online.

If you experience technical problems with the web map, contact Sara Wander at .