Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Florida Small Community Energy Efficient Lighting Grant Program

This competitive grant program is designed to provide funding to eligible local governments to make energy-efficient upgrades to indoor or outdoor lighting in publicly accessible, community-oriented facilities, such as libraries, museums, parks and community centers. Actual eligibility of project applicants and locations will be determined based on the definitions and other criteria addressed in the Notice of Federal Funding Availability (NOTICE), its attachments and associated documents.


Eligible applicants are limited to the following local government entities in Florida, based on population:

  • Local municipalities with a population of up to 50,000; and
  • Counties with an unincorporated population of up to 200,000.

Application Process

An application packet consists of the following documents: 

To apply for this competitive grant program, the applicant must submit the following application documents by 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

Please see the NOTICE for full details regarding program requirements and application submittal.

Applications must be submitted in hard copy to:

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Purchasing Office
407 South Calhoun Street
Mayo Building, Room SB-8
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0800

Direct programmatic questions to Mrs. Gail Stafford at Energy@FreshFromFlorida.com. Answers to questions received by 4 p.m. Eastern Time each Thursday will be posted by 12 p.m. Eastern Time on the following Monday.

Funding Availability

Minimum award: $50,000

Maximum award: $250,000

Total funding available: $1,000,000

These grants are federally funded and subject to the requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. These requirements include (but are not limited to) compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act and the Buy American Act.

Frequently Asked Questions [ Adobe PDF Document 581.42 KB ]