Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Forest Logistics and Support Bureau

The mission of the Forest Logistics and Support (FLS) bureau is to provide customer service to the Director’s Office and other Florida Forest Service bureaus in support of the agency’s mission. Our customer service functions are separated into three sections: Facilities and Construction, Equipment/Fleet, and Information Technology.

The Florida Forest Service has facilities/structures statewide used in the daily operations for Wildland Fire Protection, State Forest Land Management, emergency response activities, and recreation/public use. The Facilities and Construction section is responsible for assessing these facilities and making recommendations for maintenance, repair, and replacement; developing funding requests to management; submitting Fixed Capital Outlay project budget requests for legislature approval; and managing budgets. This section coordinates plan design, engineering, bid specifications, permitting requirements, provides construction management for larger projects and providing guidance for all facility and construction related issues that includes setting standards, policies, and procedures. This section also includes the State Road Crew, which is responsible for completing road and bridge repair projects on our state forests that are needed to support forest management activities and provide public access to these lands for hunting and other recreational activities.

The Florida Forest Service has specialized equipment in its fleet statewide used for wildland firefighting, fire support, land management and emergency response operations. The Equipment/Fleet section’s responsibilities include managing the equipment inventory and maintenance programs; managing use of the State’s fleet management program to ensure data quality; annually assessing equipment needs and determining which equipment meets replacement criteria as set by the Department of Management Services; submitting Operating Capital Outlay – Motor Vehicle replacement budget requests for legislature approval; acquisition/purchase of equipment using state contracts or developing bid specifications; working with equipment manufacturer’s on warranty/recall issues; working with field personnel on equipment improvements; issuing safety bulletins as needed; providing training; coordinating use of the State’s fuel card program; working with the Florida Department of Transportation to obtain over dimension/weight permits; providing guidance on Commercial Driver’s Licenses; and providing guidance for all equipment related issues that includes setting standards, policies, and procedures.

The Information Technology (IT) section provides support for desktop, laptop, and tablet computers; application development and maintenance; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS); and Intranet/Internet web page development and maintenance. The IT section provides direction for all information technology initiatives and works closely with the Department’s Office of Agriculture Technology Services. Duties of this section include hardware and software acquisition; computer installation and repair; networking support; application development, maintenance, and support; direction and guidance for all information technology projects; providing training; spatial data and mapping support; and providing guidance for all information technology related issues that includes setting standards, policies, and procedures.

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