Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

County Foresters

County Foresters provide technical assistance to meet the goals of today's private forest landowners through implementation of sustainable forestry principles on their lands. 

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Community Forest Designation:

  1. Disease/Pest Problems
  2. Tree Identification
  3. City/County Ordinance Information
  4. Advice for Pruning, Tree Removal, and Fertilization
  5. Urban Forestry Consultant List
  6. Landscape Business List
  7. Tree Removal Business List
  8. Material/Equipment Vendor List
  9. Upcoming Educational Workshops

An owner of at least 10 forested acres can also receive ...

Your Forest Managed is an initiative that teams Florida landowners with County Foresters to help manage their land.

  1. Current Timber Market
  2. Information on Federal Cost-share Programs
  3. Area Burning Regulations
  4. Prescribed Fire Management Plan
  5. Forest Management Plan
  6. Forest Consultant List
  7. Tree Planting Contractor List
  8. Timber Buyer List
  9. Master Logger List
  10. Best Management Practices

More Assistance for Landowners

Forest Management Planning

  • Develop forest management plans, based on landowner's objectives, which provide stand descriptions and characteristics as well as management recommendations.
  • Make field visits with landowners to discuss management options and practices.
  • Provide a directory or list of private natural resource consultants who also assist landowners in plan preparation and implementation.

Administration of Federal Cost-Sharing Programs

  • Work closely with federal agencies to assist landowners in making application for programs.
  • Provide landowners with a reforestation plan that states technical practice recommendations to be followed.
  • Provide lists of private contractors and consultants who can complete the on-ground technical management practices.
  • Technical advisers for several cost-share programs that involve forest management practices and approve final practice completion.

Insect and Disease Identification and Analysis

  • Make field visits to rural landowners to identify insect and disease problems and recommend control measures.
  • Recommend forest management practices that will decrease the likelihood of future insect and disease problems.

Public Relations Activities

  • Work with other conservation agencies to coordinate local forestry activities and programs for youth and adults in forest education.
  • Assist with the development and presentation of forestry field days and tours.
  • Research materials and prepare news releases and forest information for radio, television, newspapers, newsletters and other publications.