Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Florida's State Forest Trailwalker Program

Explore Florida's Forests ... One Step at a Time

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are you a frequent visitor to Florida's state forests? Maybe you've wanted to explore them but haven't had the opportunity. You are now holding your ticket to a grand tour of Florida's state forests: The Florida State Forests Trailwalker Program.

Get Involved and Reap the Benefits

The best way to learn about a state forest is to experience it first hand, and this is what Florida's State Forest Trailwalker program is all about.

The benefits are many when you participate in the Florida State Forests Trailwalker Program. You get to improve your level of physical fitness at your own rate. Your only competitor is yourself.

 Also, you get to experience the beauty of Florida's state forests. The opportunity to have personal experience with nature is rare these days, and this program will give you that opportunity. Finally, you will feel the pride of accomplishment. So find the nearest state forest on your Trail List and get started. We've got your trails cut out for you.

Getting Started

  1. Walk a total of 10 trails in a minimum of five state forests, selecting trails from the Trail List. At the trailhead of each trail you hike, obtain one prepaid postal survey card for the trail. Fill it in and put in the mail after you complete the hike.
  2. Print the Trailwalker's Log [ Adobe PDF Document ] and record your progress. As you send in your postal survey cards, we will send you a sticker for each one. You will affix this sticker next to the entry for each trail you hike.
  3. When you have hiked and logged your 10 trails, complete the Trailwalker's Log and mail it to us. We will send you a beautiful Trailwalker Patch that you can sew on your favorite shirt or hiking vest, plus a certificate commemorating your achievement signed by the Commissioner of Agriculture, Adam H. Putnam.

Stay Involved

There's more to this program than one patch and one certificate; for those up to the challenge, much more. There are three additional levels to this program. Once you have completed the first level, print out another Trailwalker's log sheet and start on the next adventure.


If you walk 20 trails from the Trail List, you will achieve the second level: Trailblazer. For this accomplishment, you will receive a rocker patch and certificate. After the second level, if you walk another 10 trails in an additional five (5) or more state forests, you will achieve the next level:


If you walk 30 trails from the Trail List, you will achieve the third level: Trailmaster. For this accomplishment, you will receive another rocker patch and certificate.


Completed Program Set

When put together, the three patches form one interlocking pattern of accomplishment. Remember, you must finish all three levels of the program to obtain the completed design.  




If you are still walking the trails after completing the Trailmaster level, then we want to challenge you further and encourage people to stay involved with outdoor exercise. The Trailwarrior level requires that you simply maintain your trail log, including miles of any of the trails from the state forests. Once you reach 250 miles, 500 miles, 750 miles and then 1,000 miles, simply mail the logs in after each mileage milestone for recognition. Your previous miles hiked achieving the Trailmaster level count toward your Trailwarrior achievements. If you didn't keep track of your miles while achieving up to your Trailmaster level, don't fret. Simply use 100 miles as a starting point and track from there. Remember, participants choose how often and how far they wish to walk each time to achieve the varied milestones. If you need to use more than one Trailwarrior Log [ Adobe PDF Document ] to get to the next mileage milestone, do so. Please send a copy of your hiking log with the notation of your achievement and we will send you additional recognitions for 250 miles, 500 miles, 750 miles and then 1,000 miles.

Tips for Your Visit


Tread Lightly:

  • Stick to the path and avoid trampling the sensitive vegetation around you.
  • Keep a bandanna on hand when hiking. It has many uses: sponge, napkin, bandage, etc.
  • If you are hiking a lengthy trail, be sure to take some sunscreen and a container of water with you.
  • Wear good hiking shoes or hiking boots. If you have to break them in, do it before the hike.
  • Pace yourself. If you aren't an experienced hiker, don't take on a 10-mile trail your first time out.

Take your time. Speed doesn't matter in this program, and there is plenty to observe out on the trails. 

Space, Solitude, and Self-Reliance