Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Off-Highway Vehicle Safety and Recreation

The T. Mark Schmidt Off-Highway Vehicle Safety and Recreation Program (Chapter 261, F.S.) was passed in 2002 by the Florida Legislature to develop an Off-Highway Vehicle recreational system. The program provides the state of Florida with a set of guidelines to follow for developing and maintaining the state lands for Off-Highway Motorcycle (OHM) and All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) users, and was updated to include Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs) in 2009 by the Florida Legislature.

An important aspect of the Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use is for the operator to understand the legal requirements and responsibilities associated with this recreational activity. This website contains important information for OHV users that ride on public lands. You will be able to locate information quickly by using the quick links to Florida state laws, titling requirements, places to ride and other government and organizations' websites to assist you in the information you need to ride OHVs safely and responsibly in the state of Florida.

Protect Your Privilege

Riding on public lands is a privilege, not a right. As such, it can be taken away if riders don't do everything they possibly can to protect it.

Responsible riders protect their privilege by:

  • Staying on designated trails
  • Keeping out of closed areas and off private property
  • Following applicable rules, regulations and laws

T. Mark Schmidt Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Grant Program

The T. Mark Schmidt OHV Recreation Grant Program provides financial assistance to public agencies statewide in order to improve off-highway vehicle riding opportunities on public lands. Grant funding comes from the titling of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs), which includes off-highway motorcycles, recreational off-highway and all-terrain vehicles only. All new OHVs sold in Florida or that are operated on public lands must be titled with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).

The Grant Program is available to any municipal or local government, state or federal agency or entity, Native-American tribal government, or legally organized nonprofit organizations. Grants will be made available for projects that improve off-highway vehicle riding opportunities on public lands; maintain existing or new riding areas; provide environmental protection and restoration to affected areas in the system; provide enforcement of applicable regulations related to the system and off-highway vehicle activities; provide safety, training, and rider education in the operation of off-highway vehicles; and if funds are available, acquire lands to be included in the system and manage, maintain, and rehabilitate such lands.

List of Approved Grant Projects By Year [ Adobe PDF Document 119.43 KB ]