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Ready, Set, Go! Resources

Every day, Florida’s first responders risk their lives to protect the people of this great state. They are courageous men and women with a spirit of service calling them to help those in danger. They may wear different uniforms, but they are all part of a united team, working together to keep Florida safe during all types of hazards… including wildfires. The national Ready, Set, Go! program brings these first responders together to amplify the wildfire hazard preparedness messages and educate the public as we work toward creating fire-adapted communities in Florida. The Ready, Set, Go! program is managed by the International Association of Fire Chiefs

In addition to the resources available through the national Ready, Set, Go! program, the Florida Forest Service has developed several ready-to-use Florida Ready, Set, Go! resources to help provide Florida’s diverse population with wildfire preparedness and evacuation education. Tools include a three-video series in English and Spanish, as well as other useful tools. We encourage local Florida fire departments and emergency service agencies to become official Ready, Set, Go! organizations. 

To sign up for the program, visit www.wildlandfirersg.org/Join. All Florida Ready, Set, Go! departments and organizations are eligible to receive a complimentary Ready, Set, Go! starter kit full of print and digital resources. 

Ready, Set, Go! Outreach Tools

Wildfire Action Planning Tool for Florida Residents  [ Adobe PDF Document 3.40 MB ]

Contact the Wildfire Mitigation Specialist in Your Area

Ready, Set, Go! Videos Table
English Videos
Spanish Videos

Wildfire Preparedness: 30 Second PSA

Preparación para incendios forestales:
30 segundos PSA

Wildfire Preparedness: 4 Minute PSA

Preparación para incendios forestales:
4 minutos PSA

Wildfire Preparedness: 15 Minute PSA

Preparación para incendios forestales:
15 minutos PSA