Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Red Flags for Fire Weather Conditions in Florida

Know the Difference...

NWS Red Flag Warning vs. FFS Red Flag Fire Alert

National Weather Service Fire Weather Watch/Red Flag Warnings

The Red Flag Warning is designed to provide land management agencies warning of potentially hazardous fire weather conditions that are imminent or already occurring. A Fire Weather Watch is designed to alert those agencies to possible red flag conditions in the future.

The National Weather Service does not make any management decisions as a result of the Watch or Warning. Specific actions are determined by user agencies.

A red flag warning is issued based on the most hazardous weather associated with the largest 10 percent of fires. The following weather conditions will prompt the issuance of a red flag warning:

  • In North Florida (National Weather Service offices Mobile, Tallahassee, Jacksonville):
    • Relative humidity below 28 percent AND wind speed of 15 mph or greater AND Energy Release Component (Fuel Model G) of 26 or higher.
  • In Peninsular Florida (National Weather Service offices Tampa Bay Area, Melbourne, Miami, Key West):
    • Relative humidity below 35 percent AND wind speed of 15 mph or greater AND Energy Release Component (Fuel Model G) of 27 or higher.


    • Relative humidity below 35 percent for four hours or more AND Energy Release Component (Fuel Model G) of 37 or higher.

Florida Forest Service Red Flag Fire Alerts

Designed to alert fire service, other emergency response personnel and land managers that a serious wildfire potential exists based on weather conditions, moisture levels of vegetative fuels and availability of fire suppression resources.

The Florida Forest Service is the only state agency to initiate a Red Flag Fire Alert. This is only initiated when weather conditions along with the Florida Forest Service's knowledge of local and state fire conditions indicate a strong potential for hazardous wildland fire conditions.