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Florida's Wildland Fire Risk Assessment System (FRAS)

Florida's Wildland Fire Risk Assessment System (FRAS)

The Florida Forest Service's Wildland Fire Risk Assessment System (FRAS) is a powerful GIS tool that can assist emergency managers, planners, government officials and others in becoming familiar with wildland fire areas of concern that they should be aware of, and what mitigation application could best serve them when addressing these challenges.

There are three required software packages necessary to run the application:

  • ESRI's ArcGIS Desktop 9.3
  • Spatial Analyst extension (not required to view data but necessary for any data changes)
  • FLAMMAP (this software is public domain)

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Quick Tips

Final Project Report [ Adobe PDF Document 1.04 MB ] for FRA and FRAS
FRAS Users Guide [ Adobe PDF Document 5.30 MB ]
Student Reference [ Adobe PDF Document 8.51 MB ] Text for Florida Forest Service training
Dichotomous Fire Behavior Prediction System (FBPS)  Fuel Key [ Adobe PDF Document 1.49 MB ]

Southern Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (SouthWRAP)

Southern Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (SouthWRAP) is an exciting new tool being used by the Florida Forest Service and the Southern Group of State Foresters. This web-based tool provides Floridians access to consistent statewide wildfire risk information. Through SouthWRAP, wildfire mitigation specialists, prevention planners, community leaders and citizens can generate maps and download data that represent specific areas of interest.

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