Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Living Healthy in Florida

Spearheaded by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in close collaboration with the Florida Departments of Education, Environmental Protection, Children and Families, Elder Affairs and Health, Agency for Health Care Administration, United Health Care Community Plan and Florida Healthy Kids Corporation, the Living Healthy in Florida initiative combines the resources of elected officials, state agencies, nonprofits and other stakeholders to communicate consistent information to Florida’s children, families and seniors on healthy eating, good nutrition and active living. Key to this collective effort is the  Roadmap to Living Healthy, a mapping system that uses data to illustrate assets and gaps in health and nutrition services so that resources can be more effectively allocated and accessed.

Research indicates nutrition affects a person’s learning capabilities, economic opportunities and healthcare costs. The purpose of Living Healthy in Florida is to expand access to healthy, nutritious foods — especially fresh Florida fruits and vegetables, — share knowledge and reinforce healthful behaviors to create a sustainable health ecosystem in Florida.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Learning

Healthy Moving