Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Farm to School

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Florida’s Farm to School initiative enhances the connection that communities have with local growers to increase Florida products served in schools, offer healthier options for Florida’s school children and get students involved in nutrition and agriculture education through school garden activities.

2018-2019 Florida Farm to School Award

2018-2019 Florida Farm to School Award [ Adobe PDF Document 358.05 KB ]

Why Is Farm to School Important?

  • Increases the amount of fresh, local foods served in schools;
  • Enhances students’ academic achievement;
  • Supports Florida’s economy;
  • Provides agriculture and nutrition education to children;
  • Builds relationship between local farmers and schools; and
  • Creates opportunities for students to enjoy local produce.

What Is the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Doing?

  • Connecting schools with local farmers, producers and distributors;
  • Developing agricultural- and nutrition-based lesson plans featuring Florida products;
  • Offering workshops on developing and sustaining school gardens;
  • Providing training for school food service staff on preparing fresh foods; and
  • Creating school food service recipes that incorporate Florida products.

How Can You Help?

  • Encourage schools to serve local Florida products;
  • Talk to children about nutrition and making healthy food choices;
  • Encourage hands-on learning by starting a school garden;
  • Teach children about agriculture by visiting a farm; and
  • Support the state’s economy by buying local Florida products.