Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Division of Fruit and Vegetables

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) inspects and certifies all fresh shipments of vegetables, fruit and nuts covered by state and federal marketing orders. Marketing orders are industry-driven programs that help fruit, vegetable and specialty crop producers and handlers achieve marketing success.

FDACS conducts U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety Audits. For more information and the necessary forms, contact:

  • David Durbin: (863) 578-1923
  • Steve Eguino: (863) 578-1915
  • Scott McClure: (863) 578-1942

FDACS inspects all fresh tomato packinghouses and farms to ensure compliance with food safety regulations. We also inspect fresh produce not covered by regulation on a request basis in support of outside entities, export laws and commercial requirements.

We license all citrus dealers, registrants and agents of licensed fruit dealers, packinghouses and processing plants.

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