Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Submitting Fingerprints Electronically for a Concealed Weapon License FAQ

The law requires every applicant for a Florida concealed weapon or firearm license to submit a complete set of legible fingerprints. However, applicants have the option of submitting their fingerprints electronically.

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Where can I get my fingerprints digitally scanned?

Florida law requires applicants for the concealed weapon license to have their fingerprints taken at a law enforcement agency. Electronic fingerprint scanning services are available at almost all of the 67 county sheriffs' offices and even some local police departments throughout the state.

We strongly recommend you telephone your local law enforcement agency in advance to find out if the agency does in fact provide electronic fingerprint scanning service and whether an appointment is necessary if the service is available.

Important tip: When your fingerprints are scanned, the fingerprint technician will give you a receipt and/or a photocopy of the fingerprint scan.

Please keep these documents. They contain your Transaction Control Number, which is needed if you pay for the fingerprinting service online, rather than at the sheriff's office or police department. Also, copies of the documents should be submitted with your concealed weapon license application.

What is the cost of the electronic fingerprint submission?

The cost of submitting your fingerprints electronically via digital image is approximately $35. Keep in mind that some sheriffs' offices and police departments may charge an additional nominal fee for providing the fingerprinting service. Usually, this is no more than a few dollars.

If you submit your fingerprints using the traditional hard-card fingerprint method, the cost for the fingerprint submission is $42.

How do I submit payment for my electronic fingerprint submission?

The answer to this question depends on where you have your fingerprints taken. A few sheriffs’ offices and police departments can accept payment by check or money order. However, other sheriffs' offices and police departments cannot accept such payments. If you have your prints scanned at a sheriff's office or police department that cannot accept payment, you will have to submit payment online using the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Civil Applicant Payment System. 

Paying Online

You must pay online within 30 days of having your fingerprints scanned.

Only credit cards are accepted.

The receipt that the fingerprint technician gave you will include a Transaction Control Number (TCN) and your name. (The TCN will begin with 70SX, 70LX, 70SO, or 70C and be followed by a number that will consist of as many as 18 digits.)

When paying online, you must enter the TCN and your name exactly as they appear on this receipt.

On completion of your payment submission, be sure to print a receipt indicating that you have completed your online payment.

What do I submit to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service (FDACS) after I have submitted payment for my fingerprint scan?

When you send your concealed weapon license application to FDACS, be sure to include the following:

  • A completed application;
  • A passport-style color photograph;
  • Copies of training documentation;
  • Copies of all receipts and the photocopy of the electronic fingerprint submission given to you by the fingerprint technician; and
  • A check or money order in the amount of $55 for the licensing fee made payable to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Remember that you need only submit payment for the licensing fee. You do not have to submit any additional payment for the electronic fingerprint scan.

You should submit your application to FDACS within 90 days of your fingerprint scan to avoid inconvenience and additional expense. The Federal Bureau of Investigation will allow two fingerprint submissions for the fee remitted if both submissions occur within 180 days. If a problem occurs with your first fingerprint submission and we do not receive your application until after 90 days have passed, we may not have adequate time in which to analyze the problem and notify you so that you can submit a second set of fingerprints within the 180-day time frame. In this circumstance, we would have no alternative but to require you to have your fingerprints scanned again, and this would require the payment of an additional fingerprint fee.