Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

I submitted my application for a concealed weapon or firearm license. How long will processing take?

The turnaround time for processing a concealed weapon license application is approximately 50 to 55 days. Our standard policy is to process pending applications in the order in which they arrive in our mail room.

Please be aware that by law the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) has 90 days from the date on which we receive a complete application to either issue a license or deny the application. In most cases, we issue licenses well before the 90-day deadline, but an increase in the volume of applications being submitted may cause longer turnaround times.

The time required to process your application will significantly increase if we encounter any of the following three issues during review of your application:

  1. Your application is incomplete.
    If we find that your application is incomplete for some reason (a missing answer to a question; a personal check made out for the wrong amount, no firearms training documentation, a photograph that does not meet specifications, etc.), we will notify you by letter and request that you provide us with the missing information or documentation.
  2. Your fingerprints are illegible.
    If law enforcement authorities determine that your fingerprints are insufficiently legible to complete a proper background check, we will send you a letter requesting a second fingerprint submission as required by law. If your second fingerprint submission is also deemed illegible, we can then ask the FBI to conduct a name-based background check.
  3. Your background check results are inconclusive.
    In some cases, the background check results we receive from law enforcement authorities indicate that an applicant was arrested for a potentially disqualifying crime, but those background check results do not reflect a final disposition regarding that arrest. In these cases, we will contact law enforcement authorities for assistance in obtaining this disposition information.
Concealed Weapon License FAQ