Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Firearm Safety Tips

These simple steps may prevent needless and tragic injury or death so often associated with the careless storage and handling of firearms. Responsible and informed firearm owners use these storage and handling methods, without exception, to ensure the safety of those in the home.

  • Never store or handle a loaded firearm in the home. Tragedy can occur in only one instance of negligence.
  • Keep a trigger-locking device on the firearm, in addition to keeping it locked away, as an additional safety factor. There is no such thing as overemphasizing firearm safety.
  • Lock firearms and ammunition in separate locations. This is a good backup precaution.
  • Never point a firearm at anyone, loaded or unloaded. Too often the unintentional discharge of guns, even those believed to be unloaded, has killed or wounded innocent persons.
  • Educate everyone in the home about firearms safety — especially children. Firearms are not toys. Emphasize the danger in, and outside, the home. Give reinforcement training frequently.

Firearm owners must always remember that a firearm may protect life, but it can also be a potential deadly threat to innocent persons. The proper storing and handling of a firearm must always be foremost in the mind of the owner who is responsible for the safety of those in the home.

Section 790.174, Florida Statutes, requires a loaded firearm in the home to be stored in a locked box container or secured with a trigger lock if the owner reasonably knows that a child under the age of 16 can gain access to the firearm. A violation of this law is a misdemeanor.