Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

County Fair Permitting

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) is responsible for issuing annual permits to fair associations that are organized under Chapter 616, Florida Statutes. The purpose of these organizations is to produce an annual fair and/or exposition for the benefit and development of the educational, agricultural, horticultural, livestock, charitable, historical, civic, cultural, scientific, and other resources of the geographical area the fair or exposition represents and serves.

Associations must provide all information required by statute with their annual application for permit. Fair associations are required to promote the agricultural and artistic output of their geographical area by displaying exhibits in a wide variety of categories, including livestock, poultry, fruits and vegetables, field crops, arts and crafts, photography and numerous others. Applications are to be submitted three months in advance of their event.

New fair associations must submit their proposed charter to FDACS for its review and approval. Subsequent changes to the charter also require FDACS review and approval.


Video: Beyond the Midway

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