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Looking for great Florida seafood? There might be a local seafood retail market just down the road. Florida’s commercial fishermen are continually harvesting seafood from the Gulf and Atlantic coasts and providing their fresh catch to local seafood retail markets.

More than 80 types of seafood are harvested off Florida’s coasts — fresh, safe, wholesome Florida seafood caught by fishing families that for generations have taken great pride in their work. When shopping or dining out, ask for “Fresh From Florida” seafood. You’ll help local fishermen and local economies.

Depending on the season, here are some of the fresh Florida seafood and aquaculture products you can find at local seafood retail markets throughout the state: alligator, amberjack, blue crab, bluefish, catfish, clams, flounder, golden tilefish, grouper, king mackerel, mahi-mahi, mullet, oysters, pompano, rock shrimp, scallops, sheepshead, shrimp, snapper, Spanish mackerel, spiny lobster, stone crab claws, swordfish, tilapia and yellowfin tuna.

Seafood Market Locator

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services provides this list of seafood retail markets to help promote the state’s commercial fishing industry and increase sales of Florida seafood products. Being listed does not imply that a seller is endorsed, approved or otherwise sanctioned by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Contact the seafood retail markets directly to confirm product availability, days and hours of operation, prices, shipping costs, etc. Many sellers also stock seafood products from other points of origin, so always remember to ask for Florida seafood when shopping or ordering.