Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Noxious Weeds

How Does Florida Define Noxious Weeds?

Any living stage of a parasitic or other plant which may be a serious agricultural threat in Florida;  have a negative impact on endangered, threatened, or commercially exploited plant species; or if the plant is a naturalized plant that disrupts naturally occurring native plant communities

Nursery sales of these weeds are prohibited and their movement is regulated by the Division of Plant Industry.

What Are Invasive Species? 

The Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council (FLEPPC), a voluntary, nongovernmental organization that provides information about exotic, invasive species in natural areas, provides the following definitions: 

  • An exotic plant has been introduced to Florida, either purposefully or accidentally, from outside of Florida.
  • An invasive exotic plant sustains itself outside of cultivation and is expanding its range in Florida plant communities.

The plants on the FLEPPC list are not regulated by the state, unless they also appear on the state list of noxious weeds.

Photo Gallery  

See photos of Florida's Noxious Weeds.



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