Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Gary J. Steck, Curator: Diptera (Tephritidae) (also misc. minor orders)

Curatorial Responsibilities

  • Identification of Diptera and minor orders at the Florida State Collection of Arthropods.
  • Training of Florida Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Agriculture personnel, especially in fruit fly detection.
  • Oversight of the FSCA Research Associate Program.


  • Employed at the FSCA since 1991.
  • Associate Editor (taxonomy) for the Florida Entomologist since 1991.

Research Interests

  • Population genetics and cryptic species complexes of the family Tephritidae.
  • Development of a database of mitochondrial DNA markers among worldwide populations of Mediterranean fruit fly to determine colonization routes and population dynamics of this pest.
  • Improving capabilities for identification of fruit fly larvae using morphological and isozyme characters.
  • Faunistics: Tephritidae of Florida, checklist of Florida Diptera, Tephritoidea of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


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