Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Mark Rothschild, Entomology, Nematology and Plant Pathology

Mark Rothschild has been one of our resident research associates since 2005. He retired from full-time employment with the Plant Protection & Weed Management section of the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Originally he spent his winters at the FSCA and his summers back in Maryland, but he has now become a full-time Floridian.

Mark is a specialist in the Hemipteran family Membracidae (treehoppers). In addition to helping identify specimens and curating the FSCA Membracid collection, he has developed a checklist of the Florida membracids with particular emphasis on host plant associations: http://www.fsca-dpi.org/homoptera_Hemiptera/membracidae/Membracidae%20FL%20Checklist%20-%20AUG%202012.pdf [ Adobe PDF Document ]. He also helps curate some of the other families within the Auchenorrhyncha.

In the past, Mark has been a research associate with the North Carolina State University Collection in Raleigh, N.C. He also has served as a research collaborator with the United States National Museum in Washington, D.C.