Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Florida Automated Nutrition System (FANS) Application Enhancement Project

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS or department), Division of Food, Nutrition and Wellness (FNW), issues this solicitation to obtain the design, development and implementation (DDI) of enhancements to the Florida Automated Nutrition System (FANS) as defined in this RFQ and ATTACHMENT R, FANS REQUIREMENTS AND ENHANCEMENTS. Additionally, the department seeks operations and maintenance (O&M) services for the FANS for the duration of the contract.

A copy of the solicitation and any future addenda can be obtained on the GSA e-Buy system.

Pertinent Documents

Attachment A, Contractual Services Agreement [ Microsoft Word Document 117.77 KB ]

Addendum A, Contractual Services Agreement Addendum Information Technology [ Adobe PDF Document 119.11 KB ]

Attachment B, Notification of Vendor Ombudsman’s Name and Telephone Number*

Attachment C, References*

Attachment D, Drug-Free Workplace Program – Bidder Certification*

Attachment E, Certification Regarding Lobbying; Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters for Expenditure of Federal Funds*

Attachment F, Conflict of Interest Statement*

Attachment G, FDACS Application Development Standards and Guidelines [ Adobe PDF Document 1.34 MB ]

Attachment H, Web Standards [ Adobe PDF Document 679.12 KB ]

Attachment I, FANS Glossary [ Microsoft Word Document 47.59 KB ]

Attachment J, Entity Relation Diagrams [ Compressed File 8.26 MB ]

Attachment K, FANS Data Dictionary Report [ Adobe PDF Document 600.69 KB ]

Attachment L, FANS Database and Code Review Summary [ Microsoft Word Document 387.87 KB ]

Attachment M, ITLC Process Checklist [ Microsoft Word Document 215.00 KB ]

Attachment N, FDACS System Security Plan Form [ Adobe PDF Document 273.84 KB ]

Attachment O FANS Existing User Roles and Permissions [ Microsoft Excel Document 30.51 KB ]

Attachment P, Business Requirements Documents [ Compressed File 44.36 MB ]

Attachment Q, Standard Operating Procedures [ Compressed File 33.66 MB ]

Attachment R, FANS Requirements and Enhancements [ Microsoft Excel Document 49.21 KB ]

Attachment S, FANS Requirements and Enhancements - Contractor Response Form [ Microsoft Excel Document 54.50 KB ]

Attachment T, FANS Project Deliverables - Contractor Response Form [ Microsoft Excel Document 57.78 KB ]

Attachment U, Price Sheet*

Attachment V, Contractor Statements and Certifications*

Attachment W, AST PMP Template [ Microsoft Word Document 301.56 KB ]

Attachment X, Functional Requirements Documentation Form [ Microsoft Word Document 2.40 MB ]

Attachment Y, Certification of Site Visitation*

Attachment Z, Certification Checklist*

* See RFQ document for this attachment.