Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Agricultural Water Supply Planning

Florida’s five water management districts develop regional water supply plans for areas they determine do not have adequate supplies to meet the future demands of water users. The plans identify water resource development and water supply development options to meet projected needs.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) compiles 20-year water demand projections for agricultural self-suppliers, using best available data. FDACS provides these projections, in five-year increments, to each water management district during the development or revision of regional water supply plans. Section 373.709, Florida Statutes, requires the water management districts to consider this data in their planning and to explain any adjustment to or deviation from the data.

Florida Statewide Agricultural Irrigation Demand Geodatabase

FDACS has developed a central data repository for agricultural water use projections called the Florida Statewide Agricultural Irrigation Demand (FSAID) Geodatabase. The FSAID Geodatabase contains parcel-level polygons of statewide agricultural lands (ALG) and agricultural irrigated lands (ILG) and supporting tables. Data within the FSAID Geodatabase includes crop irrigation and other agricultural water demand projections over the next 25 years, in five-year increments. This geodatabase also includes current and future freeze protection irrigation demand calculations, polygon-level water conservation estimates for 2020 to 2040, and climate conditions via Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service rainfall stations, U.S. Geological Survey evapotranspiration stations, and U.S. Department of Agriculture soil assignment.

An online user interface is available at http://fdacs-fsaid.com/ that allows users to extract water use and acreage data by crop, county, planning area and water management district. Data can be exported as a csv file and charts can be printed or downloaded in a variety of formats.

FSAID Geospatial Dataset

The FSAID Geodatabase is public information. It is each user's responsibility to read the entire metadata document for the data, in particular the sections on use and access constraints. When using FSAID data in maps, reports or documentation or on websites, please acknowledge the FDACS Office of Agricultural Water Policy. The metadata is located at: 2017 FSAID metadata [ Adobe PDF Document 915.04 KB ].

2017 FSAID Report

This report documents the methodology and results of the FSAID project. The FSAID project compiled all available agricultural data to produce FDACS’s agricultural water demand estimates from 2015 to 2040.

Previous Reports